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"Does a person feel when any member of his body is amputated? Could your leg be cut off without pain? Ah, then, think: that physical pain is but a figure, a very slight figure, of the anguish caused to the Heart and Soul of Jesus while He lived His suffering life on earth, of the anguish caused by those who He foresaw would be separated, severed from Him forever.


"Save Him that pain, faithful souls. If you love your Lord, keep close to Him, and if you live with Him, you will learn to love what He loves; you will live in Him, for Him, and He, your Love, will daily draw near to you.


"He will draw you into an ineffable union with Himself on earth, a commencement of that eternal union which will be your life in that glad world of Angels and Saints to which you are journeying, and in which God will reveal Himself to you as His, the most beautiful, most desirable, most lovable." ~ Mother Mary Potter, Devotion for the Dying, pp. 207-208.


From ‘Devotion for the Dying: Mary’s Call to Her Loving Children’ by Mother Mary Potter: “Ah, you who do know that 'man’s life on earth is a warfare,' that 'we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with principalities and powers, the spirits of darkness in the high places'; you who know that 'The devil as a roaring lion goeth  about seeking whom he may devour' -  you who know this, rise up, strong in Jesus Christ, and fight for your weaker brethren. Nowhere is there more need for great help in the battle than at the deathbed. At no time is there greater need to show our love for our neighbor than at the hour of death.” (p. 31).

… “We are taught that the devil as a roaring lion goes about seeking whom h may devour. We know that he had his clutches already upon many souls who have but few hours to live. Aye, there are some already within his jaws; they have but a few minutes’ respite ere they are devoured and buried in Hell, and yet in those few minutes they can be saved.


"Oh, if we would but see at the Angels see the wonderful effect of God’s grace upon the soul, the instantaneous transformation that takes place when God’ spirit breathes into it but one sigh of sorrow for its sins; if we had but one glimpse of that marvelous work of God in the soul of a sinful child of Adam, we should not wonder that these magnificent creatures o f God (the Angels ), those beautiful spirits whose intelligences are fed with wondrous joy and love from the vision of the Divine Essence, the Divinity itself – we should not wonder, I say, as perchance we do now, that an exterior work of God could cause a new joy to those who behold God in Himself.

“But we should kneel in earnest prayer that th will of God may be done on earth as it is in Heaven and that we may cooperate with that ever-blessed will of God, who wills, not that the sinner should die in his sin, but rather that he should be converted and live forever” (p. 32).  

Prayers for the Dying, Part I

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Prayers for the Dying, Part II:
Our Lady of Fatima and the Marian Prayers

Prayers for the Dying, Part III:

The Divine Mercy Chaplet of Reparation

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Prayers for the Dying, Part IV:

The Holy Rosary of Reparation

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Prayers For The Dying, Part V:
The Prayers of Reparation to the Holy Face of Jesus

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