Joseph Karl Publishing's Published Books

and Unpublished Manuscripts

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2013 – 2019

Links to the material will be provided as the files are recovered.

because the material came in such great measure during holy mass,

while making holy hours in holy silence,

and during eucharistic adoration

and while this student teacher was making brutal reparation,

it is no small wonder that this much of it has been recovered.

Thanks be to God for Everything.

The missing books/lessons have yet to be harvested

from the blogs and not every lesson was finished,

either lost to memory, due to time constraints,

and because of having to joyfully tend to the needs

of three wonderful children as a single parent

- as one of traditional catholic detroit's families of reparation -

for the sake of a world in very serious grave peril.

in 2017,

i am willed joseph karl publishing's intellectual property,

which is his property,

to christ's sspx from here in metropolitan detroit

which has in its possession all of the manuscripts

except for #4 (which was missing) and the last compiled one,

as well as two of his three other wonders. 

for 2020,

after repeatedly commanding since 2012 that

the work of reparation to the holy face of jesus

be established inside christ's catholic churches

and inside our own domestic catholic church dwellings

from here in traditional catholic detroit and worldwide

for the sake of a world in very serious grave peril

(it was not),

as catholic detroit continued its diabolical extortion campaigns,

modernist false teaching, self promoting, and fundraising efforts

while those serving god alone were repeatedly

persecuted and also kicked out of god's house, what wonders,

i am introduced

"traditional catholic holy communion for every soul"

just prior to the luciferiandemic and diabolical lock down.


    1. Meditating on Christ’s Passion, 256 pages (Published- click here)

    2. The Work of Reparation to the Holy Face of Jesus, 352 pages

       (Published - click here)

    3. The Majesty of Holy Mass, 305 pages (click here).

    4. The Sacrament of Christ’s Peace, 368 pages (click here).

    5. Parish Discipline and the Art of Self Mastery, 262 pages (click


 * 6. Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration - Still needs to be recovered.

    7. Wedding Theology for Every Soul, 258 pages (click here).

    8. Your Holy Apostolate of Reparation, 202 pages (click here).

 * 9. Reparation Theology for Every Soul - Still needs to be recovered.

  10. Christmas Theology for Every Soul, 293 pages(click here).

  11. Liberation Theology for Every Soul, 146 pages (click here).

  12. Restoration Theology for Every Soul, 201 pages (click here).

  13. Deliverance Theology for Every Soul, 207 pages (click here).

* 14. The Mystical Theology of Divine Union for Every Soul

* 15. Mystical Christology for Every Soul

* 16. Catholic Spiritual Combat Training for Every Soul

* 17. Mystical Mariology for Every Soul

* 18. Pro-Life Mystical Theology for Every Soul

  19. Restoring the Mystical Body of Christ, 180 pages (click here).

  20. God’s Way Out of the Darkness through the Work of Reparation 

        to The Holy Face of Jesus, 409 pages (click here).

* 21. Almighty God Delivers Us from Evil through the Work of

       Reparation to the Holy Face of Jesus

  22. The Mystical Theology of God’s Sacrificial Love, 247 pages (click


  23. The Mystical Theology of Proper Catholic Caring, 409 pages

        (click here).

  24. The Mystical Theology of the Greatest Love Story of All Time

       (Double Volume), 894 pages (click here).

* 25. The Mystical Theology of the Gift of Self

* 26. The Reconciliation of One’s Self to Almighty God’s Will

  27. The Mystical Theology of Complete Confidence in God, 170 pages

       (click here)

* 28. The Mystical Theology of Labor and Delivery

 *29. Will have to check the more recent archives, click here.

 *30. Will have to check the more recent archives, click here.

 *31. The Mystical Theology of the Will’s Holy Labor: click here.

  32.  Divine Royal Wedding (P)Reparation: A Traditional Catholic    

        Mystical Theology Marriage Manual, 109 pages: click here.

  33. The Traditional Catholic Mystical Theology of the Proper Use of

       One's Senses: in progress, click here.


"By offering My Face to My Eternal Father,

nothing will be refused,

and the conversion of many sinners will be obtained."

~ Jesus to Sr. Mary of St. Peter