"Meditating on Christ's Passion"

in video form

Published in print in 2014 by Joseph Karl Publishing;

Currently being recorded in 2020

From the Back of the Book

The Introduction

Part I: Spiritual Vision

Part II: The Way of Sacrificial Love

"Intercessory Prayer while Holding Hands with Jesus"

was recorded in 2015.

"Praying the Sorrowful Mysteries

as a Means of Stripping Away the Old Self"

was recorded in 2015.

Part III: Spiritual Warfare

"A Lesson in Determination" was recorded in 2015.

"Our Defiance and the Nail in the Sacred Host"

was recorded in 2013.

Part IV: Come Early and Remain

"Hold Me and Remain" was recorded in 2015.

"An Incredibly Beautiful Story

from the Life of Leo DuPont,

Apostle of the Holy Face Devotion"

was recorded in 2014.