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Many occultist business owners serving Lucifer, while claiming to be Catholics serving Christ, operate as non-profits and have tax exempt status.


Watch where the money goes and stay away from those places and people who keep insisting they be given money in God's service.


Avoid what is popular, so new, and accepted in the eyes of the world, as one would the deadly plague which kills quickly. Such soul plagues are far worse than any plague affecting the body.


Discern wisely! Some people claiming to speak to Christ and/or Our Lady are ruthless self-interested Luciferian self promoters who never speak publicly on issues pertaining to morality.


Jesus and the Immaculate Mother of God, whom they claim to be connected to so intimately, are always relegated to the background; our Divine Redeemer and Restorer and Remedy for All and Our Lady the Mediatrix of All God's Graces merely for them a means to an end to gain more attention, power, status, adulation, and ever more tax-free money.

These deceivers are helped by dishonest Prelates serving Lucifer out of self interest.

What pride!

Such people claiming to be so close to God want nothing to do with Catholic Sacred Tradition, accomplishing God's will His way which is always the right way, and I AM's Work of Reparation to the Holy Face of Jesus. They refuse to serve God without asking for money, and love the personal limelight when all honor and glory belong to our Triune God alone.

They do not like to take no for an answer, while totally disregarding their own personal defiance to the only God there is, the only One who knows and who sees everything.

There is so much corruption worldwide and especially so within Christ's Catholic Church in Modern Times, as History repeats Himself and as Jesus just keeps coming and coming and coming and coming, His Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament the Greatest Source of Grace we have on earth.

DIVINE JUSTICE FOR EVERY SOUL will come for each one of us created by our lavishly loving God in His image and likeness; it will come for some in the form of heaven and in the form of hell for others.


The decision rendered by Christ each soul's Divine Bridegroom and Just Judge once time is up for each one as Almighty God wills will be eternal meaning it will never change.

Each one shall reap what each one has sown.

Many are sowing for Lucifer, some aware and others unaware and the worst blasphemers and traitors self-identify as Catholic leaders.

Modernist Luciferian hypocrites and deceivers, that's what they really are.

They dislike Christ's Traditional One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, and Pro-Life Church, defy God, and persecute His people from right under God's Roof and right on Mount Calvary.

They come down hardest on those who oppose their financial extortion practices, their false teaching, and especially on the sexual depravity for which they are guilty, show no remorse, and project on to innocent people. They maintain their strangle hold on the truth by encouraging people to worship idols.


Who will be in the worst position in hell for all eternity?


Those who served the wrong master while outfitted in the Divine Royal King's sacred priestly garments, those consecrated men who without conscience and while having others call them Father (and even worse Prelate Father) persecuted their innocent brother priests (and also Christ's flock) while enabling the actual predatory priests including themselves to commit grave and sinister evil while insisting that no one be held accountable accept the innocent. Let them be on Divine Notice that they will be held accountable before the Most Holy Trinity for their own crimes against humanity in addition to the crimes against humanity which they enabled as co-conspirators.

This DIVINE JUSTICE FOR EVERY SOUL lesson is to be generalized to everyone but Christ's shepherds will be held particularly accountable.


Holy priests will receive Divine Justice in the form of holy reward in God's Presence in heaven forever; unrepentant unholy priests will receive Divine Justice in the form of eternal punishment and banishment from the God they had claimed to be serving with self interest, while promoting false teaching and while stealing and in so many ways from God and His people, while worshiping power and status and always more money.  The suffering from these liars and deceivers in the form of eternal regret in the absence of God is unfathomable to consider but it will be just for they will have earned it.  For them following their just judgment, all hope will be lost.

Pray and sacrifice, as God wills, for Catholic priests in Modern Times.  

As Servant of God, Father John A. Hardon, S.J. taught and also knew so well personally from within, unchaste people are very cruel people; unchaste people who break the sacred vow(s) they made to God to remain faithful to Him are even crueler. 


Hell is real and the reality is that some souls will end up there, for all of eternity, because they belong there.


God's Divine Wrath

and the Modern Allopathic Medical Agents of Darkness

"By offering My Face to My Eternal Father

nothing will be refused,

and the conversion of many sinners will be obtained."

~ Jesus to Sr. Mary of St. Peter

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