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"The Catholic Canvas"

Exclusively on Substack.



Canvas is used to create works of art, sails for ships, coverings, containers, and protective shelter. Canvas is also the context used to convey information. Its strength and versatility make its many physical and expressive uses practical and appealing.


“The Catholic Canvas” was initiated at Christmas 2022 on Substack, to provide orthodox Catholic teaching material, insights, and encouragement to those yearning and needing to learn the Faith correctly, people who are likewise needed to witness and share the Faith with, and teach the Faith correctly to, others at this unprecedented and extraordinarily challenging time in human history. 

What is on your Catholic canvas? What should be on it? What could be on it, and what should be on it and in it? What is it like, and what forms does it take? Is it pleasing to God? What effect is it having on other people? What is your Catholic canvas used for?

Find out and be continuously amazed, 
guided by our Triune God's unchanging truths.

He is so in love with you!


Subscriptions support the ongoing production of

Joseph Karl Publishing's Orthodox Catholic material for every soul.

The first post premiered the week of Christmas 2022.

"The Catholic Canvas" on Substack: click here.

Posts include:


What Does Your Catholic Canvas Look Like?

The Four Pillars of Evangelization

What Follows the "Grand Choice" Each One of Us Must Make


Up Next: How to Love God Wholeheartedly

Thirteen years of multimedia material for every soul 

remains available without financial cost

on Joseph Karl Publishing's website.


Thanks be to God, and thank you.

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