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A First Christmas Card, that Wasn't for Me

About one week ago a first Christmas card arrived, but it wasn't for me. Or was it?

What a joy it is to receive Christmas cards.

In late 2020, it was especially nice to receive this communication from the outside world.

While walking from the mailbox to the door through the cold, the first thing of notice on the front of the envelope at first glance (while fumbling with the massive amount of junk mail being placed behind the card) was the script of the recipient's address, hand written in ink by the sender.


"I wonder who it is from?"

Without looking any closer at the address on the front of the card, its grateful recipient moved the card closer to the eyes in order to view the return address, which was not written out by hand.

What was not immediately noticed is that the card was not intended for you.

That Christmas card had been sent to the wrong address.

At the top left corner of the Christmas card's envelope there was a small personalized horizontal label.

What was printed on the label is the focal point of this story.


It was the name on the label that gave away that the card was not meant for you.

Or was it?

The name on the label was unfamiliar.

Then you looked closer at the hand-written address and discovered that the card arrived in the wrong mailbox. It wasn't even intended for someone in the immediate area.

Or was it?

You then took a closer look at the small printed return address label and two things brought two separate smiles to your face.

The woman sending the card is named FATIMA, and the little image by her name is a LIGHTHOUSE.

To Jesus through Mary.


Mary Christmas!

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