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Lucifer Appears Overnight as Saint (Padre) Pio

What a wonder that was. Guess what he had with him, and then guess what he said. Just guess!


Lucifer made an appearance pretending to be Saint Padre Pio.

You find yourself talking to whom you think is Saint Padre Pio and he is holding something in his hands.

He is speaking to you as if he is a priest advisor and you find yourself answering his questions and looking to him for guidance.

He is holding the Good Friday pink jacket circa 2010 which was on Good Friday suddenly covered on the front with brown crosses. The jacket had been pressed in anticipation for Holy Mass on Easter Sunday.

It was the first Good Friday and Easter Sunday for you and your three children at the Slovak parish where I AM had sent you, by name, prior to re-introducing His Work of Reparation to the Holy Face of Jesus in Modern Times here in Traditional Catholic Detroit for the sake of a world in very serous grave peril.


All was very peaceful and joyful. "Saint Pio" presented you with the Good Friday pink jacket (which was given to Christ's SSPX here in Traditional Catholic Detroit after the Slovak pastor had refused to take it) and then questioned its authenticity.

He asked two questions pertaining to its validity.

The first question was, "Did Our Lady talk to you?" (that Good Friday on which the miracle took place).

You replied, "No."

He then asked, "Did you smell anything?" (of supernatural origin).

You replied, "No."

Then he indicated that as a result, no miracle could have taken place.


All remained very peaceful and joyful within you and you accepted the priest's judgement with humility.

Then it was revealed that it was Lucifer the liar, deceiver, manipulator, and destroyer and not Saint Pio who had come for a visit.

He doesn't like I AM's Traditional Catholic Work of Reparation to the Holy Face of Jesus, and he was defeated by humble obedience to holy authority.

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