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On Having Given Up One's Blood as I AM Willed, Twice, as One with Christ

What a stunning revelation that was in a very recent dream overnight from Traditional Catholic Detroit for the sake of the whole world in our time. + Imaginer.

Image copyright Michele Bondi Bottesi


You find yourself moving from place to place with your 2nd son who is now a young adult, but in the dream he is younger.

First you find yourselves at a Modernist desecrated Catholic school in modern times and then you find yourself at a modernist Catholic Church that perhaps was Traditional leaning.

Then you find yourself going with your son who is younger in the dream to an exclusively Traditional Catholic Church that appears unfamiliar and yet familiar.

It is as if recent history is being re-presented in the dream overnight.

The Traditional Catholic Church where you found yourselves in the dream overnight has both a church and a school and you encounter the people and the goings-on there, both in the church where people are gathered for the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and as people (children, young people, and their parents accompanying them both taking them and also picking them up) come and go to attend the school.

All of a sudden, you find yourself addressing them all meaning all the people both inside the church and at the school.


All was very peaceful and you found yourself following along with such awe and with wonder.

You began speaking loudly to address all the people and spoke with such incredible authority.

You told them that your family had given up its BLOOD - for the sake of the whole world in our time - and as you said the world BLOOD once, the world BLOOD was stated A SECOND TIME and not by you but in the supernatural.

What wonders.

Up next: three more recent dreams.

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