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The Journey from the Traditional Catholic Church through the Roadblock Rubble at an Intersection

You were holding two things, one in each hand. Guess who came to help you get past the the huge pile of rubble in the middle of the intersection of the town. A little boy. Guess who He is. Just guess. +

Image copyright Michele Bondi Bottesi


You found yourself at a Traditional Catholic Church that appeared unfamiliar and yet familiar.

You were very happy to be there and hoped to remain there.

However, after a short while, the people all began appearing wearing masks.

They were happy to engage in this Luciferian ritual, both inside of the church where you were and also on the outside.

So you found yourself leaving that place.

All was peaceful and calm and you maintained your joy.

You found yourself walking away from that church and the people happy to be enslaved to the wrong master there.


You found yourself approaching an intersection in a town that appeared unfamiliar.

You were holding two things in your hands.

In one hand you held a crucifix, and in the other an image of the Holy Face of Jesus suffering during His Sacred Passion (that is the image of the Holy Face that I AM has asked us to use in Modern Times).

You found yourself trying to pass through the intersection but there was a huge pile of rubble there.

As you got closer to it and tried to make your way around it, the pile of destruction got bigger and it kept blocking your path as you tried to go around and beyond it.

You found yourself climbing some of the rubble, carefully trying to climb up and over and then down it while holding those two things, one in each hand.

There was rubble including piles of concrete, among other things. What a mess.

You have never seen anything like it. What ruin.


While stepping onto a pile of the rubble and navigating on it and then down it to the left, while trying not to fall, it seems like there will be no getting around this blockage that keeps growing and getting in the way.

Then on the left you see before you three little boys sitting on a smaller pile of the rubble facing forward, watching the situation unfolding before all four of you.

One of them then comes over to you and takes your left hand which is holding the crucifix and easily guides you right through the rubble.

It is the Divine Child Jesus.

Imaginer. +

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